[FR] La Nintendo Switch hackée en live par XavBox

A security breach was found for the Nintendo Switch, this breach is hardware, Nintendo can’t correct it without change hardware of his console,we show you the different possibility for hacking the Switch, come to the Nuit du Hack with your Switch and your original games and micro sd card (64Go or more) and you can go back with a copy of your Nand ! We show you the
SX Pro from the Xecuter Team and demonstration on directlive. You can update your Switch, there is no problem .

Come and talk about video games hacking to the 16th NDH ! (no problem if you only talk in English)

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About XavBox

Console hacking since 2003 ! 100% gamer, 100% hacker, and 300% fun… NDH will be the coming back of XavBox with the new hack of the Nintendo Swith who come at this end of june 2018.