NDH Kids is back in 2018 ! Registrations are closed.

What is NDH Kids ?

It’s a day dedicated to the young people from 8 to 16 years-old who love to experiment, learn and seek for a great time through fun, and creative workshops.

Electronics, programming, tests of physical phenomenon and chemical reactions and experiments, will be entertained by renowned pedagogues in each of the fields proposed.

This free event will take place "la cité des sciences et de l'industrie" in Paris while free meals and snacks will be provided to the young fellows.

Useful information

Attention, the pass for the NDHKIDS doesn't grant you access to the Nuit du Hack.

Legal Information

All the informations gathered in this form are to be used only by the organisators of the event, NDH Kids 2.0. By no mean the informations are to be shared with any third party.

In accordance to the law of the January 6 1978 and his extends of 2004 you have the right to access all the data that concerns you in our possesion. You can as well express your right to modify the said informations. You can also, for rightful reasons, oppose to the gathering of your informations.

Call For Papers

In a nutshell

Workshop format: about 50 minutes for max 10 kids from 8 to 16 years old.
Submission: kids@nuitduhack.com
Meals will be provided.


NDH Kids is a day organized for young people from 8 to 16 years old in order to share our knowledge with them through fun and creative workshops.
Lots of topics will be covered through the day like programming, electronics, virtual reality and computer security.
This event is free for kids and will take place at Hôtel New York of Disneyland Paris.
Meal and and snacks will be provided.


The workshops are planned for groups ranging around 10 kids of 8 to 16 years old, and must last around 50 minutes.
Workshops must be fun and need to be for that reason organized in a form of a story with games about the production of an object.
The goal is to allow children to understand, experiment and create while having fun.
Here are some examples of themes:
• Small electronic circuit (soldering, components for a final useful object at < 5 euro)
• Objects of the daily life (except household appliance)
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Introduction to RasPi
• Toys
• New technologies
• Hardware (in computers or in any other objects)
Here is the list of what have already know or what we would like to see.
But if the subject of your workshops is not listed here, feel free to submit it anyway.

How to submit

To submit workshop, send a mail to kids@nuitduhack.com with the following information:
• Surname
• First name
• email address
• phone number
• Your previous experiences with kids

• Topic of your workshop:
o electronic
o everyday items
o Physic
o Chemistry
o RaspPi
o Toys
o New Technologies
o Hardware
o Other

• Small description of your workshop

• How many people present

• Needed material

• Wished compensation
o ndh16 ticket
o transport ticket refund (15€ max.)

Meals will be provided. You must be available June 30th 2018 from 9:30 AM. to 6:00 PM., you are organizing this workshop as a volunteer.


Deadline: 31th May 2018
Announcement: Soon !
Event: June 30 2018, 10AM to 5PM


Contact : kids@nuitduhack.com
Twitter : @NDH_Kids and @hackerzvoice
Facebook : NDHkids by Esiea and Nuit Du Hack