[EN] AWS Hardening with Deniz Parlak

Today, we are at a time when cloud technologies are used predominantly. At this point, AWS meets most of its market share. The presentation will describe practical security methods for common services (EC2, S3, KMS, etc.) in AWS, hardening applications, and explanations of how security can be achieved by demonstrating how subdomains are hacked through security vulnerabilities involving user-based mistakes. Topics: - Identity and Access Management - Infrastructure Security ⦁ CDN ⦁ VPC - Auditing and monitoring ⦁ Splunk - Hardened Amazon Machine Image - Subdomain takeover

About Deniz Parlak @_denizparlak

I work with Linux / UNIX technologies for four years. I'm a Docker & AWS & cyber security enthusiast. I am currently working on the DevOps applications and continuing to share information about new technologies to people.