[EN]How to borrow a car in 60,000 millisecond par Robert Leale

Vehicle immobilizer are intended to prevent theft. They create a 100% electronic staying system and then the keep the secret key in the physical key right?

Maybe not so much. In this talk in discuss my 7+ years of immobilizer bypass work and talk about some specifics.

I'll talk about some of the new attacks on active keys and talk about some of the challenges that we deal with in securing these systems.

À propos de Robert Leale @carfucar

Robert Leale is an eclectic in the field of vehicle electronic systems research. Robert is the organizer of the Car Hacking Village at Def Con. He is a Black Hat Trainer. Also he is the owner of CanBusHack, a company founded in 2010 with the goal of teaching the hacker community about vehicle reverse engineering.